What is AICAF?

The goal of AICAF is to create a gathering place for a wide variety of people who are interested in diverse forms of contemporary art and cultural expression. Featuring emerging international, national and local artists in an eclectic array of music, performance, poetry, video and exhibition programs, the Festival will offer a weekend-long cultural feast August 20th-22nd. We aim to bring a wide variety of international artists to Maine while at the same time showcasing local and national art and culture.

The Festival will be an important catalyst for artistic development within the region. We feel it will prompt an awareness of, and create a sustained demand for, contemporary forms of the visual, literary and performing arts. The Festival will also serve as a catalyst to arouse wider public interest in the arts and to encourage artistic dialogue and cultural exchange. It has real potential to act as a stimulus for artistic innovation and provide a pivotal springboard for many artistic careers, in the State of Maine and beyond.